Spotlighting WCGA Members

WCGA wanted to start spotlighting the diverse group of our women members from young staff assistants to seasoned lobbyists. Our first profile is WCGA’s Board member Barbara (Barb) Dodge.

Barb Dodge away from Capitol Hill

Barb Dodge away from Capitol Hill

Barbara Dodge, WCGA Membership Co-chair
Barb has more enthusiasm and energy than almost any other WCGA member. She’s worked on Capitol Hill for the last 16 years starting as a scheduler and now serves as a Financial Administrator for several Hill offices. She started golf later in life when she went back to school get her Bachelor’s degree eight years ago and needed a PE class. She took a golf class to fulfill the requirement and has been hooked ever since. She credits WCGA as being a big help and encouragement to continue golfing. As Barb says, “this is a lifelong activity that I hope to improve upon. Even if I don’t improve, I will still enjoy it.” Barb lives in Frederick, Maryland and is married with two sons.

We have a full summer season of events planned!

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